Block Chords are your Friends

marimbarollHow many times have you stepped up to the marimba to work on a passage and it seems like you have never seen the music before even though you spent hours practicing the day before? Well guess what? This happens to everyone including me. It is frustrating and makes you want to throw your mallets across the room. If this sounds familiar, I want you to start incorporating block chords into your practice routine.


Episode 021: Snare Drum Warm-up

Over the past couple of months, I have been introducing snare drum rudiments. For the percussionist, rudiments are like scales. You should be practicing them everyday just like a wind player practices scales. In today’s video, I would like to introduce my snare drum warm-up that I wrote a year ago. This 12 minute warm-up includes all of the basic strokes to give you a well rounded warm-up. Please download a copy of my snare drum warm-up, get out your practice pad, a metronome and go for it.

Level: Beginning/Intermediate

Metronome Click Track Accompaniment

Download Tempo Advance


Why Do We Study Music?

This may be an obvious question for most of us, but as I continue to think about the future of music education and how we can reach more people, I think we need to be able to justify “Why We Study Music.” Too often we don’t quantify or have solid evidence why someone should study music. We all know how it feels to work hard, practice and then perform to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, our government agencies can’t or won’t understand why they should fund arts organizations. We need to be able to give them solid, research based evidence. (more…)

Bounce by Anthony M. Di Bartolo

There is a lot of great music being written for concert snare drum and this piece definitely fits into that category. Bounce, for snare drum and pre-reorder audio was composed and performed by Anthony M. Di Bartolo. This performance was recorded, mixed and assisted by David DeLizza. Filming and video effects by Jeffrey Masino. Recording space – mSOUNd studios (Philadelphia, PA).