Metronome Sound Delay Explained

The use and misuse of the metronome is always a hot topic. I wrote and article called Metronome Strategies for Improving Your Timing. This video talks about sound delay as it relates to marching band and drum corps on the football field.

When is it okay to listen metronome or drumline? Based on where the metronome is located on the field, who can listen to it? How much time do I need to anticipate my entrance? For more information and to download the handouts, click here.

Thanks to Andrew Rogers for putting together this video and supporting documents. Well done!

Percussion Education Weekly Reads 8/23/15


School has started and there are only 130 days left in the year. How was your summer? Was it as productive as you planned? Spend some extra time in the practice room. Read a good book. Spend time with your friends and family. Make sure to make every day count. Here are some things to check out. Let me know if you have anything to add to this list. Have a great week. (more…)


LAPQ performs I Hold the Lion’s Paw

This is a live video of the premiere performance of Andrew McIntosh I Hold the Lion’s Paw performed by the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet at Zipper Hall, Los Angeles, CA on April 10, 2015. This is a beautiful piece, performed well with excellent video footage! Bravo.

Los Angeles Percussion Quartet is Justin DeHart, Nick Terry, Cory Hills, and Matt Cook.

Composer: Andrew McIntosh
Video: Two Channel Media
Audio recording/mixing: Justin DeHart

Virtual Steelband 2015

VIRTUAL STEELBAND 2015 from Pastiche Steel Ensemble on Vimeo.

The Virtual Steelband is an opportunity for pannists around the world to participate together in one steelband performance that spans the globe virtually. Pastiche Steel Ensemble is hosting and producing this performance. The idea was brought to the ensemble by one of its members Mia Gormandy after viewing Eric Whitacre’s “Virtual Choir.” Other Pastiche members including Yuko Asada, Abe Breiling, and Scott McConnell latched on to the idea, and they later formed a committee to produce the Virtual Steelband. The Virtual Steelband Committee successfully launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for the project, which gave them the opportunity to hire a professional audio engineer and cinematographer to help create the final product. In addition, Liam Teague was commissioned to write an original composition for the Virtual Steelband, which is entitled “Bella Vista.” The Virtual Steelband Committee received positive feedback from pannists residing in multiple countries around the world including Spain, Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and Trinidad and Tobago, just to name a few. The Virtual Steelband Committee is bringing the steelband world together through this venture, and is bringing awareness to the number of pannists residing in multiple countries around the world.

Scherzando performs Bass Man

There is a lot of great music being performed in Trinidad and Tobago’s Panorama every year. Even though the smaller groups don’t get as much publicity, I really enjoy listening to the Medium sized bands. Curepe Scherzando performs Bass Man at the Steelband Panorama Finals Medium Bands Champions 2015.

Percussion Education Weekly Reads 8/9/15


DCI is over and it was a crazy finish. There was a good amount of conterversy with the final outcome. (For an explanation of the final results, read here). The level of the performances were absolutely amazing. I have to admit that I have a new respect for the drum corp activity. Congrats to the Concord Blue Devils for their 17th DCI World Class Championship. Now that DCI is over, the beginning of school is just around the corner. Check out the weekly reads below. (more…)

2015 Carolina Crown

Tonight is DCI finals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Carolina Crown has been in first place for the past two nights. After watching this video, I am sure you can see why they have been at the top this season. Good luck to all of the corps tonight. [Note: YouTube pulled the original video I had posted due to copyright infringement by the person who posted it. Here’s a video of the show, but be sure to check it out on the site when it is released.]

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