Using YouTube Wisely

With the ever expanding web, it has become very important for musicians to stay with or ahead of the ‘technological curve.’ One semi-controversial element of this curve is the use of YouTube, or any other video hosting service, to promote your playing. The reason that I think this can become controversial is because there is a large debate about what you should post online, and when in your career you should post it. Many advocate posting things early in your career, to receive feedback, and make yourself more widely known. Others avoid posting their content online for fear of ridicule or over-exposing their weaknesses. (more…)

Gary Burton performs “A Singing Song”

A 23 year old Gary Burton perform A Singing Song as a member of the Stan Getz Quartet (1967). This video is from a BBC production called “Jazz Goes to College.” It is great to see Gary’s four mallet playing from the 60s. If you are interested in the lead sheet for this piece, check out Gary’s book called “Solo – 6 Unaccompanied Solos for Vibes” available at Steve Weiss Music.

What is your favorite Gary Burton tune?

Guiding Principle #1: There is a war going on inside you.

By Thomas Burritt

Guiding Principles – Part I

Having a passion for pedagogy has taught me a lot over the years. One important idea that I’ve developed along the way has to do with perspective. I’ve found that a student can learn more quickly by focusing on general perspectives or guiding principles. These general ideas work to enable the student to apply and connect specific techniques to the aesthetics of musicality (phrasing/interpretation). Each post in this series will focus on a different “guiding principle”, a general concept or idea that can point students in the right direction. Which direction you ask? Well that is simple: the development of superb musicianship. (more…)

There’s No Sound In My Head

There's No Sound In My Head from Lateral Films on Vimeo.

Today’s video is a documentary by Robert Arnold about Mark Applebaum’s Metaphysics of Notation. It is a fascinating video that discusses the development and performance of this graphic notation piece. The documentary features insights by famous composers such as Brian Ferneyhough and Paul Dresher as well as performers. Composer Chris Chafe says “This was a piece of music that was very substantial import… It provided a platform or framework for musical communication. This is the essence of what any score is going to do.”

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Is this music or graphic notation or both? Have you ever played a graphic notation piece? Leave your thoughts and comments below

Percussion Axiom TV: Episode #72 “Killing Two Birds with 4-Mallets” – Part II

Today’s show is all about interaction as we discuss concepts and questions about episode #71 from the PATV community! Any reactions to the ideas in the video? Or, answer the question of the episode: What are you guys up to that you are really excited about? We want to hear from you guys!

Leave your comments below.

For more episodes visit: Percussion Axiom TV.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on October 24, 2010 by Thomas Burritt.

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