Mike Huckabee on Art and Music Programs

This video has been floating around a bit, I’ve seen it posted by several people on Facebook, and Contemporary Voice also featured it recently. Regardless of your political affiliation, Mike Huckabee’s words are quite important, and well said.

What are your thoughts on this video? How can we communicate the importance of the arts to our leaders? What is the result if we don’t stop cutting the arts? Share your ideas in the Chattr Section.


(DrumChattr does not endorse any politicians or a political party)

Steve Schick Performs “XY”

One of the posts in the Chattr Section asks what people are playing on their recitals. One of my go to books for multi-percussion is Steve Schick’s “The Percussionist’s Art.” It presents a fantastic amount of analysis of several works and on the art of playing in general. One of the pieces in our repertoire, that I think is often forgotten in “XY”, by Michael Gordon, so for today’s post, here is Steve Schick performing XY.

Have you ever played “XY,” or seen it played live? What is your favorite Multi-Percussion Piece?

Originally posted on DrummChattr.com on February 2, 2011.

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