Top Performances of the Year

Alex Ross, music writer and critic for the New Yorker Magazine and author of The Rest is Noise and Listen to This, has compiled a list of the past year’s most memorable classical performances.

One stand out on this list is John Luther Adam’s “Inuksuit” at the Park Avenue Armory.

Check out the complete list from Alex’s New Yorker Article.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on December 30, 2011 by Dave Gerhart.

SMART Goals for 2012

I originally wrote this for my other blog, which focuses on individual and business development. As I was writing it, I realized that this is also time for musicians, especially those in academia, to be setting goals. The examples used may focus on business, but the principles will prove true for musicians as well.

Enjoy! Shane Griffin

Most failed new initiatives, both individual and organizational, fail not because of a lack of skill, but because of one of two other factors: poor planning or poor communication. ¬†Both of these breakdowns can be mitigated with an effective goal-setting strategy. (more…)

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