There are a lot of great resources for the modern percussionist (here’s where I say “I wish I had these when I grew up…”) and is a great resource for information about marimba. The videos cover topics about grips, one-handed rolls, technique and more. Although Charlie doesn’t update his site very often (hopefully this post will inspire him to record something), his catalogue of videos is definitely worth watching.

One of the reasons I started was to be a portal of percussion knowledge. I will be adding a links page to my site and I will definitely add places to go and check out information about teaching/learning percussion. Remember, there is not one way to teach anything. We have to be open and receptive of ideas. Go out and watch live performances, check out videos, read blogs and start to gather information to become the best musician you can.

Top-end Style Bodhran Exercises

James Yoshizawa Drum Set DrumChattr

It has been a while since we have featured a video by James Yoshizawa. Today, James is here to introduce some Top-end style Bodhran Exercises. There are two ways to play the bodhran: 1) The Kerry Style (the most common way), which is played with a double-headed tipper (or stick) and 2) the West Limerick style (or Top-End style), which uses only one end of the tipper. The second style is the newer tradition and popular with beginners.

Download the exercises and check out the video. How many DrumChattrers play bodhran? Leave a comment below.


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