Percussion Tip #2

The other day, I went over crash cymbal technique in my percussion methods course at CSULB. There is a good diagram below, but for some reason, it always seems to confuse people. If you were never a scout, I can understand how it can be confusing. I was going to make a video on how to tie the cymbal knot, but after searching YouTube, Keith Aleo had already made a great video. (more…)

Percussion Education Weekly Reads 9/28/14


As we come to the end of September, PASIC is just around the corner. If you have never been to PASIC, I would highly recommend you do anything you can to attend. Not only is it the largest percussion convention on the planet, it is also a great opportunity to learn, listen, network and interact with top professionals in our field. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or FaceBook for more information about a meet up during PASIC. (more…)

Jeff Hamilton Interview

Jeff Hamilton would definitely be on my “Desert Island Playlist.” He is one of my favorite musicians to listen and watch and if you have never heard him play, stop reading this now and go buy one of his albums. He has played with everyone and currently tours with Diana Krall. This interview is worth every minute. Find an hour this weekend and watch part 1 and 2 (below).

Episode 022: Roll Exercises

The snare drum roll is one of the most difficult rudiments on the snare drum. The concept of the roll is easy. The difficulty comes with the execution. Over the past several videos, I have illustrated different strategies for improving the roll. I have found that over the years, I like to vary the exercises that I use to strengthen and improve my rolls. Here are two exercises that are guaranteed to help you develop your rolls. Download the PDF, get out your drum and roll.


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