Send in the Clowns – Cavaliers Indoor

As the Percussion Product Manager for Yamaha, I get to attend some of the top percussion events in the US. This April, I was in Dayton, OH for the the 2015 WGI World Championships. Most people don’t get to see behind the scenes. Here’s a video of the Cavaliers Indoor Percussion WGI 2015 (Semifinals Performance) on a Yamaha YMRD-2900 Marimba. The video begins back stage and takes the viewer through the performance and out of the arena to the truck.

Bill Bachman Lesson Series

Bill Bachman Lesson Series: Velocity, body parts & the kitchen spoon

VF Signature Artist Bill Bachman discusses the differing velocity of strokes generated by wrist, fingers, arm & Moeller whip strokes. In this lesson, Bill will demonstrate the different velocities garnered by each (using a kitchen spoon!?) and discuss how to play with more power and the pitfalls to avoid. Awareness of the differing approaches will also help you in evening out your hands.

For more insights, head over to and check out the “Extreme Hands Makeover” for in-depth lessons on these techniques and workouts where you drum along with Bill and a whole lot more!

Percussion Education Weekly Reads 9/6/15


Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend (in the US). Summer is winding down and school has started. It is time to get back into those routines. What did you do this summer? What did you listen to and read? I hope you had a productive summer. Below are some articles to check out. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. (more…)

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