Percussion Axiom TV: Episode #22 “This is how I roll” part 3

By Thomas Burritt

This episode was originally posted on December 15th, 2008.

What is the purpose for developing extended, specialized techniques? In this episode we focus on four-mallet rolling utilizing the Stevens Grip, and explore how 4 different roll types can be used together to fool our listeners! (into thinking we are sustaining a note…)

Share with us how you apply extended techniques to musical expression in your own playing. Leave your comments in the Chattr Section.

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Gary Burton performs “A Singing Song”

A 23 year old Gary Burton perform A Singing Song as a member of the Stan Getz Quartet (1967). This video is from a BBC production called “Jazz Goes to College.” It is great to see Gary’s four mallet playing from the 60s. If you are interested in the lead sheet for this piece, check out Gary’s book called “Solo – 6 Unaccompanied Solos for Vibes” available at Steve Weiss Music.

What is your favorite Gary Burton tune?

Percussion Axiom TV: Episode #72 “Killing Two Birds with 4-Mallets” – Part II

Today’s show is all about interaction as we discuss concepts and questions about episode #71 from the PATV community! Any reactions to the ideas in the video? Or, answer the question of the episode: What are you guys up to that you are really excited about? We want to hear from you guys!

Leave your comments below.

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Gary Burton performs “O Grande Amour”

This video features a solo performance of Gary Burton. In this performance interview with KPLU/Jazz24 program host, Abe Beeson, its just Gary Burton and his vibes and this video features his arrangement of O Grande Amour. This close up video really gives the viewer a close up of Gary’s technique.

What is you favorite Gary Burton album? Have you ever seen Gary perform live? Leave your comments below.

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Percussion Axiom TV: Episode #71 “Killing Many Birds with 4-Mallets”

Today’s post is all about my warm-up routine. But don’t be fooled…there is a lot more in here than just warm-ups! “Kill Many Birds with 4-Mallets” suggests that when you warm-up you should review ALL the fundamental aspects of playing. What fundamental areas you say? Check out the video to see. What does your warm-up routine look like? How do you work on the fundamentals?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Download Thomas Burritt’s Warm-Up Exercises.

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Jasmin Kolberg performs Libertango

Marimbist Jasmin Kolberg performs Eric Sammut’s Libertango. This piece is based on Libertango by Astor Piazolla. Check out all of the percussion instruments in the background. As the daughter of a violinist and a percussionist, who develops and manufactures percussion instruments, Jasmin Kolberg grew up surrounded by hundreds of varied percussion instruments.

Today’s video is courtesy of guest contributor Carlos Johnson.

What is your favorite Eric Sammut piece? Leave a comment below.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on September 25, 2010 by Dave Gerhart.

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