Percussion Education Reads 10/26/21

percussion education reads

“Percussion Education Reads” Returns! It has been too long since I have written on my blog and I am going to do my best to post at least one thing per week for the rest of the year. Here are some articles that I have enjoyed reading this week. I am looking forward to connecting with you. Please feel free to send me article recommendations. Leave a comment below. Have a great week! (more…)

Percussion Education Reads 9/17/20

percussion education reads

For the past 3 weeks, we have been working at home while our kids have been on their Chromebooks attending their virtual classroom. As a parent, I am grateful to the teachers who are doing their best to educate our children. We have to remember to be patient with the technology and do our best to help our students succeed in this stressful environment. Good luck and breathe!! (more…)

Percussion Education Reads 8/30/20

percussion education reads

It is hard to believe that September is just around the corner. Even more difficult to believe is that most students are starting school from home. This Fall is going to be unlike any other Fall that we have experienced. Make the best of it. Take care of yourself. Breathe. Wear your mask when you are in public. We can do this! Just think of the parties that will occur when we are all back together!! Here are some articles to check out. Please let me know if you have any articles that I can add in the future.

Percussion Education Reads 8/4/20

percussion education reads

I am embarrassed to say that it has been over a year since I wrote a “Percussion Education Reads” blog post. I don’t want to make an excuse for not posting. Instead, I want to post some of the things I have read that have made a lasting impression. For the remainder of the year, my goal is to post two “Percussion Education Reads.” If you have something that you enjoyed reading, please forward it to me and I will check it out. I hope everyone is well!

Episode 004: Online Snare Drum Instruction


Grab a pair of sticks and a practice pad (or any playing surface) and learn techniques to become a more effective percussion educator. Topics to include: Full Stroke Exercises, Paradiddles and more Flams (Flam Taps and Flam Accents).

Summit Speaker Series: Online Snare Drum Instruction for Non-Percussionist Educators – Episode 4

Be sure to check out Episode 1, 2, 3 of Online Snare Drum Instruction before diving into this video.

For more videos and professional development resources, check out the International Music Education Summit. Thanks to Elisa Jansen Jones for hosting this video. (more…)

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