Halloween is over and I hope you had a safe and fun celebration. As a parent of two boys (2 and 4), Halloween has become relevant again and we had a fun time celebrating and trick or treating with our two little cowboys. Today’s links includes some great podcasts that you should add to your podcast app. As always, have a great week and let me know if there are some articles I should be reading.

In one of my first Percussion Education Weekly Reads, I listed the RSS feeds that I consume via Newsify. For podcasts, I use DownCast and I like that it can be synced on all of my iOS devices. In the near future, I will list the Podcasts I listen to, but this week I would recommend checking out:

The #AskGaryVee Show
– If you are not familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, be sure to check out this podcast. He talks about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship as well as anything else that he wants to talk about (including buying the Jets). This podcast is honest and is always full of great tidbits of knowledge.

StartUp Podcast – This podcast features Alex Blumberg (Formerly from This American Life & Planet Money) talking about how he is building his new media company. Each episode talks about an aspect of how to build a startup. There are a lot of parallels to my site and I am learning and enjoying every episode.

Understanding Music with Musical Forms

Naps vs. Coffee. Which Is a Better Choice for the Sleep-Deprived Musician?

Asking Strangers: What’s Your Definition of Success?


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