It has been a while since I have reviewed a website. [Check out The Bulletproof Musician review from July 2014.] Today, I want to introduce All Things Vibraphone. The site has transcriptions, videos, and performances for vibraphone students. The site describes itself as “A page for vibists with related links to audio and video recordings, articles on improvisational techniques, jazz transcriptions, mallet technique…” If you are a student studying jazz and/or vibraphone, I would highly recommend this site. It is run by Ed Saindon and Gustavo Agatiello. Since 2011, they have posted 42 posts on the site.

The one downfall of the site is the design. The site is hosted on Blogger and it is reminiscent of a site from the 90s. This is surprising since both Ed and Gustavo have great looking personal sites. But this is a minor annoyance. It really doesn’t matter what the site looks like because the information that is presented is excellent and it is a great resource for any jazz musician.

As a side note, check out All Things Improvisation for posts on transcriptions, links, improvisational concepts, and more.

Dave Gerhart

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