Connecting Your Head and Your Hands

“Connecting Your Head and Your Hands” by Lee Vinson

This article addresses the connection between technical practice and mental visualization in preparing excerpts for an audition.

I approach audition excerpts in two different ways. I first address an excerpt from a purely technical point of view. I try to tackle any technical problems independently from the excerpt by creating simple exercises that apply directly to the issues presented in the music. Secondly, I want to be mentally prepared to perform an excerpt. I do this through a variety of visualization techniques which we will discuss below. (more…)

Dr. Dave’s Percussion Video (Episode 007)

Today’s video is a preview of a new set of marimba etudes by Peter Klatzow. According to Katie Rife: “Etudes for Marimba Books One and Two were commissioned by a consortium of 10 percussionists from around the world. They were completed in June 2010 and will be published in 2011. A premiere performance has not yet been scheduled.”

This is a special preview of the Book One, recorded August 4 2010:
I. Aerobat, II. Play of Triads, III. Melodic Mirage

Thanks to Carlos Johnson for recommending this video.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on August 29, 2010 by Dave Gerhart.

Good Technique is Good! from The Marimba Blog

“Good Technique is Good!” by Chris Wilson

I have been working diligently this summer on improving myself as a marimbist. As I’ve mentioned before, there are some things that I feel are very poor about my playing, mostly technical. I have figured out where I made my mistake, how to fix it now, and what this means for any of you as readers. I will be asking for some feedback throughout this blog. (more…)

Percussion Axiom TV: Episode #69 “In the Harmonic Rhythm the Answer Lies.”

For more PATV episodes visit his video blog at: Percussion Axiom TV

Today we talk about a “guiding principle” (and go Yoda on you..) that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to general interpretation in musical performance. Name the famous xylo excerpt in the background… and as always please leave comments!

Originally posted on DrumChattr on August 24, 2010 by Tom Burritt.

Dr. Dave’s Percussion Video (Episode 005)

Percussionist, Jaime Oliver (not to be confused with the British Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver) earned First Prize in Electronic Sonority from File Prix Lux for his Silent Percussion Project. The “Silent Percussion Project” (SPP) consists in building a set of computer musical instruments that use human gestures to control sounds, composing and performing with them in an attempt to re-incorporate the body in music performance practice. Check out the File Prix Lux website for more information.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on August 22, 2010 by Dave Gerhart.

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