Keynote Address: “Being a “C” Student

I attended the Music for All National Festival and Sandy Feldstein National Percussion Festival on March 14 – 16, 2019. The festival concluded with a Gala Awards Banquet and this year, Eric Martin, President and CEO of Music for All gave the keynote address. In the speech, he wants “you to be commit to your craft. I want you to be that C student who is committed to community at home, in your music ensembles in your schools and in your town or city in your state and in this nation…”

Take 6 minutes and listen to this speech. Share this speech. Watch it with your students. This speech was recorded Saturday, March 16 in the Grand Ballroom of the JW Marriott, Indianapolis, IN.

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Yamaha ESSA Resource Guide

percussion_education_2016_14On December 15, 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed by President Obama. This law replaced the No Child Left Behind law.

“With this bill, we reaffirm that fundamentally American ideal—that every child, regardless of race, income, background, the zip code where they live, deserves the chance to make of their lives what they will.” – President Barack Obama

As a member of the Yamaha Education Committee, our team has put together an ESSA Resource Guide that will give you tools to help you navigate this new education law, specifically about music program opportunities, and assist you in advocating for a music education program strategy in your local area. If you are a K-12 arts educator, please take the time to read and share this guide.

For more tools and tips, visit the Yamaha SupportED website. You can also sign up on the mailing list to receive music education updates.

A Music Teacher’s Guide to ESSA: Yamaha Sr. Director of Education, Marcia Neel

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