Here is a list of percussion resources. I have broken the list into different levels. If you have a resource that you would like to add, please leave a comment below and I will add it to the list.

Steve Graves Play Along Videos
Live Lessons with Little Kids Rock – Junk Drumset Additional Lessons can be found here.

Percussion Education Video Playlist – 28 Snare Drum Videos
Gary France Video Series (Snare Drum, Cymbals, Gongs, Keyboard)
Marimba: One Handed Roll Exercises on the Floor

Rob Knopper – Audition Hacker
Rhythm Randomizer
The Army Field Band: The Complete Percussionist

C. Alan Percussion Home Study Packet
4 Mallet Exercises without a Marimba – Justin Douté

Pete’s Percussion Podcast
Discussions in Percussion
@Percussion Podcast

Performance Videos
Berlin Philharmonic Performance Archive

Updated 3/24/20

Please note: This is just the beginning. Please submit your resources in the comments.

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