Trinidad and Tobago’s Panorama 2014 Results

The results from Trinidad and Tobago’s Panorama 2014 are in and the winners are:

Large Conventional Steel Orchestras
1st place: 287 – Phase II Pan Groove
2nd place: 286 – Trinidad All Stars
3rd place: 283 – Renegades
4th place: 281 – Desperadoes
5th place: 279 – Exodus
6th place: 274 – Silver Stars
7th Place: 271 – Invaders and Skiffle Bunch
9th place: 267 – Fonclaire
10th place: 262 – La Brea Nightingales and Tropical Angel Harps

Medium Conventional Steel Orchestras
1st place: 284 – Pan Elders
2nd place: 281 – Buccooneers
3rd place: 277 – Sound Specialists of Laventille
4th place: 276 – Katzenjammers
5th place: 272 – Arima Angel Harps, Valley Harps and Couva Joylanders
8th place: 271 – Melodians
9th place: 266 – Steel Xplosion and Dixieland

Pan Elders Panorama 2014 Champion Medium Band

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Bernard Woma @ Solar Culture Gallery

Bernard Woma, master of the African Gyil (xylophone), performs live at the Solar Culture Gallery. Bernard presented an incredible clinic at PASIC 2011. “The Gyil is the primary traditional instrument of the Dagara people of northern Ghana and Burkina Faso, and of the Lobi of Ghana, southern Burkina Faso, and Côte d’Ivoire. The gyil is usually played in pairs, accompanied by a calabash gourd drum called a kuor. It can also be played by one person with the drum and the stick part as accompaniment, or by a soloist. Gyil duets are the traditional music of Dagara funerals. The instrument is generally played by men, who learn to play while young, however, there is no restriction on gender.” [1]

Originally posted on on January 3, 2012.

Renegades play “Pan in A Minor”

Panorama, the National Steel Drum Festival in Trinidad and Tobago, is in full swing. The panorama groups have been preparing for the competition which happens every year on the Saturday before Lent. The groups are made up of 100 performers. For full coverage of the 2011 Panorama Festival, visit Pan on the Net’s website.

One of my all time favorite tunes from Panorama is Lord Kitchener’s Pan in A Minor. This award winning 1987 performance is by the Renegades Steel Drum Orchestra directed by Jit Samaroo. The Renegades, and Jit’s arrangements, are know for there tight engine room (rhythm section) and use of unison hits throughout the arrangement.

Is this the first Panorama video you have ever watched? What is your favorite Panorama tune or arranger? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on January 21, 2011 by Dave Gerhart.

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