Extraordinary Castanet Concerto

I often wish I could play castanets without mounting them on handles or in a castanet machine. If anyone else has thought the same, you have to watch today’s video featuring Lucero Tena (Castanets) on the Intermezzo from: Las Bodas de Luis Alonzo by Gerónimo Jimenez.

After watching this video, I think I will stick to my Black Swamp mounted castanets. (more…)

Episode 027: The Secret Behind Great 4 Stroke Ruffs

As a young percussionist, we all learn the rudiments. For us, the rudiments are our scales and it is how we learn about technique on a single surface (aka a snare drum). In the concert snare drum repertoire, the 4 stroke ruff doesn’t usually occur until somewhere in the Advanced Snare Drum Studies book by Mitchell Peters, Delécluse’s 12 Etudes or later in Anthony Cirone’s Portrait in Rhythm. It also shows up in the orchestral excerpts (Lieutenant Kijé). Because it is not officially part of the 40 Standard American Rudiments, it is not something we practice at a young age. (more…)

Snare Drum Warm-up

Over the past couple of months, I have been introducing snare drum rudiments at PercussionEducation.com. For the percussionist, rudiments are like scales. You should be practicing them everyday just like a wind player practices scales. In this video, I would like to introduce my snare drum warm-up that I wrote a year ago. This 12 minute warm-up includes all of the basic strokes to give you a well rounded warm-up. Please download a copy of my snare drum warm-up, get out your practice pad, a metronome and go for it. (more…)

Percussion Education Weekly Reads 10/26/14


Normally, I share some links that I have read during the week. But in today’s post, I have decided to share some links and resources from a meeting I had with my former teacher and mentor Erik Forrester. Over the past couple of months, my career path has been in transition. I am thankful for the support of my family, friends and colleagues who have offered words of advice and guidance. I value the relationship I have had with my two mentors (Michael Carney and Erik Forrester) and no matter where your life takes you, find someone you can trust to be your mentor. (more…)

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