Steve Weiss 1943-2014


As you all know the percussion music industry lost a giant yesterday in Steve Weiss. Their strong web presence came well after setting the standard (pre-internet) with their mail order catalog. This shopping catalog wasn’t only a way to order via mail but became the ultimate reference for instruments and repertoire. It was like Christmas back in the day receiving the new Steve Weiss catalog!

All of us at Drumchattr say thanks to Steve for what he has done for our art. And, of course, we say thanks for his support of Drumchattr!

There are some amazing stories about Steve on the Steve Weiss Facebook Page. We encourage to NOT leave your thoughts below but on the thread above. Thanks for everything Steve!

Claudio Abbado – 1933-2014


Claudio Abbado, famous conductor died on January 20th, 2014. Many mark Abbado’s death as the end of an era as he has been called one of the last “giants of the podium”. Abbado held conducting posts with the London Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony, and the famed Berlin Philharmonic.

Reading posts today I found two quotes from pieces describing his qualities. He was known for treating space and rest in music with reverence. And, after losing much of his intestines Abbado stated:

“My illness was terrible, but the results have not been all bad: I feel that somehow I hear from the inside of my body, as if the loss of my stomach gave me internal ears. I cannot express how wonderful that feels.”

Is this an end of an era? Who are the conductors of today that will become the next “giants of the podium”?

DrumPants: Wearable Tech for Drummers

Forget smart watches.. what about smart pants! The folks over at DrumPants have developed a wearable sensor kit for making music and beats by hand drumming. The sensor attaches to clothing and allows users to play music or control their smartphone by hand drumming. Check out the kickstarter video below:


Many in the tech industry have been describing wearables as the next new big technological wave. I’m excited to see drumming/percussion as a part of this developing trend. Interested? You can be the first to receive one for about $100 on KickStarter. Be sure to visit their page to learn more. What are your reactions?

videos via DrumPants
via CNET

Black Friday 2013: A Percussion Round-up

As you can imagine many of our well known percussion retailers are offering some pretty sweet deals this black Friday. We thought it would be helpful to highlight a few specials:

Our supportive friends over at Steve Weiss are offering Pearl Poplar/Maple snare drum for $99 as well as a slew of other great deals.

Lone Star Percussion is offering %20 off sticks and heads in their “Don’t Be a Turkey” event. They are also offering a gift guide if you need help getting gifts for your drummer and are also offering Lone Star Percussion gift cards.

Not to be outdone, the Percussion Source is offering free shipping through December 1st.

Have you found any sweet black Friday deals? If so, please share with the community by leaving a link below in the comments. Happy Holidays from the Drumchattr crew!

DRUMset: Driving the Beat of American Music

PASMuseum One of my favorite parts of PASIC in Indy is visiting the Rhythm Discovery Center museum. About a year ago Dave, wrote about
his experience visiting the Discovery Center (along with a great picture of him playing the gong drum!). I still vividly remember visiting the George Hamilton Green exhibit a few years back. That exhibit was very special to me.

I’m looking forward to going back this year to check out a new exhibit entitled DRUMset: Driving the Beat of American Music exhibit opening in November.

DRUMset: Driving the Beat of American Music explores the history of the drumset – a uniquely American instrument – and how it evolved to meet the changing needs of emerging popular music genres from its early beginning after the American Civil War to the rock music of 2013… …. Historically important drumsets from time periods like Swing, Be-bop, the British Invasion and Eighties and Nineties Pop will be on display to highlight the progression of music and how it affected American culture through art, sound and style.

Exhibit highlights include kits used/owned by Gene Krupa, John Bonham, Neil Peart and Ndugu Chancler. And then there is one more quote: “Feel the thrill of playing a kit in front of a packed stadium”. Hmmm….

Of course, we hope we’ll see you at PASIC 2013 in a few weeks. Remember to follow us @drumchattr to know where the Drumchattr hang will be Thursday night. Want to know more about the PAS Rhythm Discover Center? Check out the video below. Have you been to the museum? What were your favorite exhibits over the years? Leave your comments below.


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