Ji Hye Jung Performs John Serry’s “Groundlines” (2010)

John Serry’s Night Rhapsody for solo marimba is one of the great early pieces in the contemporary marimba repertoire. While still clearly “Serry-esque”, his new work Groundlines deviates significantly from his masterwork of over 30 years ago. Featuring Dies Irae quotes and Sonata Form,Night Rhapsody features a clear connection to the Romantic Era of wester classical music. That connection seems to be missing entirely from Groundlines leaving us with pure compositional mechanics. Check out the video to formulate some reactions to this new work expertly performed by Ji Hye Jung.

What are your thoughts on Serry’s compositional shift with Groundlines? What are your impressions of the work as a whole?

Tendonitis of the Brain

Guest post by Doug Perry.

Tendonitis of the Brain

I took classical music history this past semester in order to fufil one of the musicology diagnostic exams I failed (I failed all of them). I felt like I was learning everything for the first time, which makes sense given my less-than-stellar undergraduate study habits. It wasn’t until we got to Beethoven that things began to feel familiar again; I didn’t start paying attention in my undergraduate class until Beethoven. (more…)

CV or Resume: Which one do you use?

What is the difference between a CV (curriculum vitae) and a resume? In this post I want to discuss the major differences between a CV and Resume and show you an example of each. As a student, I think it is very important to have an updated resume. You will need to use a resume for grad school auditions and job interviews. It also comes in handy when you apply for scholarships at your university or to PASIC. Keep all of your programs and try and update your resume at least twice a year (Summer and Winter Break). (more…)

Percussion Axiom TV: Episode #73 “A Conversation with John Parks” – Part II

Welcome to part II! Fresh off a residency at the University of Texas at Austin, I sat down and had an off-the-cuff conversation with Dr. John Parks who is Associate Professor of Percussion at Florida State University. In Part – II we get down to business and discuss why Haydn is a hack, the new Florida State Percussion Ensemble CD, and the importance of Leigh Howard Stevens’ book “Method of Movement”. Plus, the most epic thing to ever happen on PATV happens about 12 minutes in!
What topics would you like for us to discuss next time? Leave your comments.
For past episodes visit: Percussion Axiom TV

Originally posted on DrumChattr on November 7, 2010 by Thomas Burritt.

In it to Win It

By Adam Groh

A few weeks back I was commenting on a post on DrumChattr that related to grad school application and auditions. It’s early November, and if memory serves me right, most applications start coming due around the first of December. So… ‘Tis the season for thinking about grad school auditions. However, in posting on the DrumChattr message boards, I got myself thinking about auditions in general, and I have some thoughts that I want to share, namely some tips for improving your audition skills. (more…)

What is Proper Stage Etiquette?

There is so much to know about being a musician that sometimes the little things are not addressed. Some of those “little things” are etiquette issues. As teachers, we can only do so much in lessons and ensemble rehearsals. So I’ve have decided to start a list. I would like to start an open dialogue about etiquette issues and create a comprehensive list that can be turned into a PDF that we can all share with our students. I welcome any feedback and contributions. (more…)

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