PASIC 2012: Steel Band Literature

This video features the live performance from PASIC 2012 (November 3, 2012). The session was called “Steel Band Literature: Standards, New Directions, Styles and Sources” and was directed Tony McCutchen (Jacksonville State University), Dave Gerhart (CSU, Long Beach) and C. J. Menge (Inside Out Steel Band). The performance featured over 60 faculty members from the US performing new literature for steel band.

If you are a percussionist, you should be a member of Percussive Arts Society and attend the yearly convention Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC). Thanks to Joshua Simonds, Executive Director of PAS, for allowing this video to be posted.

Trini Yellowtail – Adam Mason
Very Much (A Lot) – Joshua Garrett
Spin Cycle – Brad Shores
PanSon – Dave Gerhart (more…)

Ali Dembele & Petit Adama

YouTube is an amazing resource for world music. Here’s a great example of some of the videos I have been watching lately. Amazing Balafon music from Africa. What have you been watching? Leave a comment below.

African Xylophone: Balafon Duet

In the United States, and in Western cultures in particular, when we talk about solo xylophone, ragtime music is most likely to be one of the first things that come to mind. There are two important xylophone traditions that come from Africa: Balafon and Gyil. Both are incredible and worth spending exploring. Below is a video of Bassidi and Khalifa Koné from Mali. I have also included a link to a documentary they recorded with their father. Spend some time this week and check these out!

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