Snare Drum Head Showdown

If you are a drumset player, you must watch this video! The guys at Spectre Media Group show us what 14 snare drum heads sound like when they are put on the same snare drum with the exact same tuning. Even if you are a not a drumset player, this is really interesting to hear the difference snare drum heads. What’s your favorite snare drum head? Leave a comment and me know.

Jeff Porcaro plays Rosanna

Jeff Porcaro was arguably one of the top professional drummers of the 80s and 90s and best known for his drumming with the band Toto. His iconic shuffle on Rosanna is one of his signature grooves. Here’s the audio of the drum track. I have also included a recording of the original tune. Classic! If you are interested in learning the groove, check out the numerous videos on YouTube.

Rosanna – Drums Only

Original Recording

Website Review:



If you are looking for a drum catalogue, look no further. The Internet Drum Archive exists to provide a source of reference material for vintage and collectable drums and percussion throughout the world. The are other sources of historical percussion information on the internet (check out the Deagan Resource) but this is the most comprehensive collection of catalogues that I have ever seen. If you have any catalogues you want to contribute, please make sure to contact

If you have other resources, please make sure to leave a comment below. Thanks to Tom Blomquist for sharing this resource with me.

Dennis Chambers performs “Low Blow”

I remember seeing Dennis Chambers play live at the 1990 Zildjian Days at USC. I was blown away by his feel and groove. Even after 25 years, he is still grooving! In this video, legendary drummer Dennis Chambers performs “Low Blow” by Leni Stern (1993) on a 4-piece Reference Pure Series kit in a Black Cherry finish.

Vinnie Colaiuta explaining Seven Days

YouTube is an amazing resource! I can spend a lot of time listening to great performances, learning new percussion music or watching my idols perform and talk about their music. Vinnie Colaiuta is someone I could watch for hours! He is a legend in the drum set world and I remember seeing him play with Sting at the Hollywood Bowl during the Ten Summoner’s Tales tour (on Stings 40th birthday).

In this video, he talks about the groove in Seven Days.

Here’s the original video of Seven Days:

Sambass Groove by Christiano Galvão

Today’s video features Brazilian drummer Christiano Gavalão runs through a Sambass Groove as part of his Creative Brazilian Drumming Series. There are so many good sources of information on the internet and I appreciate companies like Zildjian for posting these videos.

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