Episode 019: Triple Bounce Rolls


In the previous episodes, I have talked about how to develop the double stroke roll. (Double Stroke Rolls and 5,7,9 Stroke Rolls.) Please make sure to review those videos for more information. In today’s episode, I introduce the “concert style roll,” aka the Triple Bounce Roll. Let me know if you have any questions and comments.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Episode 015: Double Stroke Rolls

In the previous videos, I have been talking about the bounced stroke and in today’s episode, I introduce the double stroke roll. When executing bounced strokes, make sure you are letting the stick do all of the work. If you have a good fulcrum, a relaxed grip and you allow the stick to bounce, over time you will develop a good sounding roll. Be patient and work hard. Remember, in this episode you need to make sure you use “one arm stroke and two bounces.” Please feel free to leave comments and/or questions below.

Level: Beginning/Intermediate

Episode 014: Ruff Taps and Ratamacues


In the last episode, I introduced the ruff and the bounce stroke. It is very important to review that episode before continuing with this episode. The roll/bounced stroke is one of the most difficult rudiment we have on the snare drum. That is not to say that the other rudiments don’t have their own specific difficulties, but to achieve a great sounding roll takes a while. Remember, be patient. With consistent practice, your bounced strokes will sound great in no time.

Level: Beginning/Intermediate

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