DCI is over and it was a crazy finish. There was a good amount of conterversy with the final outcome. (For an explanation of the final results, read here). The level of the performances were absolutely amazing. I have to admit that I have a new respect for the drum corp activity. Congrats to the Concord Blue Devils for their 17th DCI World Class Championship. Now that DCI is over, the beginning of school is just around the corner. Check out the weekly reads below.

Shaking Off the Cobwebs of Summer by Will James

A Young Entrepreneur’s Passion For Hacking His Diet Sparks A Seven-Figure Business by Elaine Pofeldt

Why We Brag About Being Busy (And How to Regain Focus) by Greg McKeown

13 Ways to Be an Exceptional Teacher by Marya Jan

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Dave Gerhart

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