On Friday, February 16, 2018, I presented Percussion Methods 102: Percussion Methods Revisited at the California All-State Music Education Conference (CASMEC). Below is a list of the resources and presentation outline.


Presentation Handout CASMEC


Purchasing a Snare Drum
Yamaha CSS-A Series Steel Snare Drum
Yamaha CSM-AII Series Maple Snare Drum

Concert Drumsticks
Vic Firth SD1
Innovative Percussion IP-1
Promark Concert One
Cooperman Grahn C. Johns

Practice Pads
Vic Firth Practice Pads
Remo Practice Pads
Remo Silentstroke Practice Pad

Snare Drum Method Books
Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer
A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum

Timpani Heads
Remo Timpani Head Selection Guide
TimpHeads (iPhone App)

Timpani Head Change Materials
Nitto Denko- Nitoflon Adhesive Tape- PTFE Tape With Silicone Adhesive, Grey- 10m
AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – 24-Pack
TK-40 Timpani Tuning Key
DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner
Franklin Sports Synthetic Cover Practice Softball, Yellow, 12-Inch
Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 3
Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape – Original
Lucas Oil 10533 White Lithium Grease – 8 oz. Squeeze Tube
Red Devil 0320 Steel Wool, 0000 Super Fine, 8 Pads

Steps for Changing Timpani Heads
1) Put the pedal to the lowest position (heel down) and place the softball under the pedal.
2) With a timpani drum key, loosen all of the tension rods.
3) Remove counterhoop and set aside. Make sure you put the countertop back on the drum in the EXACT position you removed it.
4) Remove the old head.
5) Wipe out bowl and clean bearing edge.
6) Apply Teflon Tape.
7) Put on new timpani head. Make sure that the logo is opposite of the playing area and the seam is 90 degrees from the playing area (or 3 o’clock)
8) Inspect counterhoop and clean if necessary. Make sure the tension rods are free of dirt and are properly lubricated.
9) Put the counterhoop back and finger tighten all of the tension rods.
10) Make sure the centered on the bowl. Use the tape measure to center the head.
11) Place your foot on the heal of the pedal and remove the softball.
12) Slowly raise the pedal to the highest position.
13) Tune the top note of the range of the drum.
14) Clear the head. Use the DrumDial!!
15) Let the drum sit for a couple of days and then check the range.
16) Clear the head again.

Tim Genis Timpani Head Changing Videos

Accessory Cases
Ahead Armor Cases AR5038E Adjustable Padded Insert Case for Electronic Pads and Components
Meinl Percussion MSTCJB Standard Cajon Bag, Black (VIDEO)

Black Swamp Percussion Tambourines
Grover Pro Percussion Tambourines

Tambourine Essentials: Basic concepts for superior performance by Ben Stiers

Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Water Surfboard Wax (2 Bars)

Grover Pro Percussion Triangles
Black Swamp Percussion Triangles
Living Sound Triangles
Stoessel Triangles Beaters

Crash Cymbals
Zildjian Cymbals
Sabian Cymbals

Total Percussion Solution
Student Snare Kit
Student Bell Kit
Total Percussion Kit
YX-230 Tabletop Xylophone

Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide

Percussive Arts Society
PAS Group Memberships

The Band Teacher’s Percussion Guide: Insights into Playing and Teaching Percussion
Help! I’m Not a Drummer! … But I Have Some in my Ensemble
Beyond Basic Percussion

Vic Firth Education Resources

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