Pitch Drop (2013) – A Triangle Solo for 2 or more Triangles

The inspiration for Pitch Drop came while I was listening to a program on Radio Lab entitled “Speed.” The first story in the radio program was about the Pitch Drop Experiment that has been taking place at the University of Queensland, Australia since 1927. In the 86 years that the substance pitch (a highly viscous liquid which appears solid) has been “dripping,” no one has ever seen the drop fall and currently researchers are waiting for the ninth drop to occur. As I began to write this piece, the image of researchers waiting to see the drop of pitch fall prompted me to experiment with the sound of water and metal. I recorded over 10 triangles (including 4 of the Living Sounds Triangles) and combined them with water, tam tam, and spriangle samples in order to create the soundscape track that accompanies the soloist.

The piece begins with long, sustained sounds of water, metal, gongs and triangles. I wanted to remove all of the attacks of the triangle and allow the As the piece progresses, it becomes more rhythmic and with the use of pre-composed loops, I was able to layer parts in order to create a fuller overall sound. By the time the piece ends, it should feel as though you are walking through a Grand Father Clock store at the moment when all the clocks are beginning to chime.

Vocals on the accompaniment track were graciously performed by Beth Wightwick.

Pitch Drop is published by Living Sound Triangles.

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