This video features a performance Elliott Carter’s new percussion ensemble piece Tintinnabulation (2008), performed by New Jersey Percussion Ensemble (Peter Jarvis, conductor). Elliott Carter wrote this piece at the age of 100!! The Boston Globe says, “Tinnabulation covers an enormous range of sonorities, partly through Carter’s choice of instruments (a Chinese opera gong and five types of nipple gongs are among the mix) but also through his meticulous instructions of where to strike each instrument and what kind of stick to use, be it a mallet, a brush, a birch dowel, or even a knitting needle.”

The performers are (L to R):  Payton MacDonald, Gary Van Dyke, Michael Aberback. John Ferrari, Ned Stroh, April McCloskey

What are some of your favorite Elliott Carter solo or ensemble pieces? Post some links in the comments.

Originally posted on DrumChattr on September 5, 2010 by Dave Gerhart.

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