It has been a while since we featured the music of Peter Klatzow. Today’s video features a recent performance of Figures in a Landscape (1985) by Natalia Gerakis (Flute) and Zhe Lin (Marimba). Have you played any pieces by Klatzow? Which are your favorite pieces?

From YouTube Description:

Peter Klatzow is one of the few South African composers to achieve international recognition. He stats: “Re-establishing the primacy of tonality, without excluding non-tonal music as an extension of musical means. Concerning the musical language his aim is: broadening a vocabulary which can and does communicate”. Figures in a Landscape for Flute and Marimba is a challenging and demanding composition in free form.

Figures in a Landscape makes part of the Concert Programm CONTINENTS.

Natalia Gerakis, one of the most accomplished greek flutists and Zhe Lin, several times award winning marimba virtuoso from China, present an exciting world journey through the continents: from Europe to North and South America, via Africa, Asia and Oceania including impressinonist, modern and contemporary compositions for Flute & Marimba.

Dave Gerhart

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