Caleidoscópio, written and performed by Gene Koshinski, is one of the solos from his book “TWO,” a collection of concert pieces for two-mallet marimba solo with a comprehensive guide to technique and performance practice.

The audio producer was Don Schraufnagel and Gene Koshinski and video by Marc Hill.

“Caleidoscópio” was inspired by my study of a coordinational independence method called “Ritmica,” developed by Brazilian conductor Jose Gramani, and a series of courses on the subject taught by Gramani’s protégé Rogerio Boccato. Portions of the “Ritmica” method focus on the simultaneous performance of unrelated meters and ostinati as well as contradictory melodic material, which is what the bulk of “Caleidoscópio” is founded upon. The “B” section of the piece pays homage to the Brazilian roots of the Ritmica method by hinting at a light samba feel and providing more of a melodic focus.

This is the time I have featured a first marimba solo by Gene. Be sure to check out some of his other great percussion pieces:

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