I hope you had a great week. I have been busy preparing for the premiere performance of Passageways, a new piece by Baljinder Sekhon, for solo steel pan and percussion ensemble. I am premiering the piece in Chicago on Saturday, March 28 with the CYSO Percussion Ensemble (Ben Wahlund, director). Click here for more information. If you are in Chicago, come by and check it out. Below are some reading materials for the week. Enjoy.

5 Good Reasons for Starting a Percussion Ensemble By Paolo Parolini

Be sure to check out Paolo’s blog! His articles are always informative and well written. A must for any percussionist.

10 Reasons Why People Who Learn Music Are More Likely To Be Successful By Nicholas Garcia

The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination: It’s Not About Willpower By Cheryl Eddy

Beyond Likes, Shares & Retweets: More Advanced Uses Of Social Data By Rick Miller


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