newsifyThere are always a lot of great articles on the internet (and sometimes some not so great ones). I use a RSS reader to collect a variety of sources so that I don’t miss what I like to read. On my smart phone, I use an app called Newsify to gather my articles to read. I use the app to skim articles from various sources. (I have created a list of sources below in case you want to check them out). If there is an article that I want to read in the future, I send the article to Instapaper to save it for future reading. Instapaper is also an app that can be used on my phone or tablet. I try and set aside 15-20 minutes a day to read the saved articles, but if I don’t get to them, there are always saved in Instapaper.

My goal in sharing this information is to create a weekly post that will have some links of curated articles that I have found inspiring or invigorating. It is also my hopes that you will share your top articles with me. Here are this week’s list of some articles to check out this week:

Time Management 101 by Dr. Carolyn Bremer

Stop Trying to Please Everyone or Chase Impossible Goals by Mark Wilson

The 15 Best and Worst Words to Use on Resumes According to Recruiters by Mihir Patkar

Cranky, Tired, and Not in the Mood to Practice? by Dr. Noa Kageyama

Here is a list of my RSS sources (in no particular order). I have the articles separated into folders. What are you reading? Is there something you can recommend? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise
State of Our Art
I Care if You Listen
Percussion Axiom TV
Technology in Music Education
The Bulletproof Musician
The Musician’s Way Blog
The Rambler

Seth Godin’s Blog
Goal Setting Guide

Fast Company
Marketing Land

Laker Nation
Dodger Nation

Search Engine Land

BuzzMachine (Jeff Jarvis)
Know the Network

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