We are half way through September and we are nearing the end of the MLB Season. (Go Dodgers). Yesterday, I wrote a post about “Why Do We Study Music?” Please check it out and share it with other music educators. I would love any feedback on the post as well as any links to additional supporting documents. Have a great week and thanks for your continued support.

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Dave Gerhart

Dr. Dave Gerhart, Product Manager, Percussion for Yamaha Corporation of America and Lecturer of Percussion at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSU, Long Beach, is a nationally recognized performer, composer, and educator. Dr. Gerhart, originally from Fairfield, California, holds a D.M.A. from the University of Southern California, M.M. in Percussion Performance and Instrumental Conducting and a B.M. in Music Education from California State University, Long Beach.
Dave Gerhart

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