Innovative-CL2LEveryone has (or should have) a warm-up routine that should be part of your daily practice routine. Last September, I posted my Snare Drum Warm-Up and accompanying metronome track. Today, I want to share my roll warm-up/workout sheet.

Roll Exercises

When creating this warm-up, I wanted to make sure to include roll exercises that started and ended on different hands. I have found that a lot of warm-ups are generally based on a dominate hand system or are alternations between foundation and rolls. Each of these exercises begin with the foundation followed by the rolls. You can use utilize double and multiple rolls. In an upcoming post, I will post some metronome practice tracks.

Let me know what you think of this warm-up. What do you use to work on your rolls? Please share your thoughts below and happy practicing!

Dave Gerhart
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