Innovative-CL2L-300x300A couple of months ago, I introduced a new Snare Drum Roll Exercise. I hope this has helped develop your roll technique.

In the past couple of episodes of my videos, I have begun to talk about the bounced stroke. For most students, this is the most difficult rudiment on the snare drum. If you don’t believe me, go to a high school band concert. I find most students push too hard and don’t allow the stick to do most of the work.

In this exercise sheet, I have created an additive process exercise that starts with one bounce on a note and adds one bounced stroke per line. In the first measure, the foundation is introduced followed by the bounced stroke in the second measure. One of the goals was to make sure to that both hands were working on the bounced strokes.

Additive Roll Exercise

Check it out for a couple of days and let me know what you think. Any feedback and/or comments are appreciated.

Dave Gerhart

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